I Still Remember The Day When My First Customer Made A Purchase!

The excitement moved through my body like a tidal wave. My eyes lit up when I heard the sweet sound “cha-ching” chime on my phone! I want to thank Dr. Rebecca Mercado Jones. She was the very first Lizzmore Womenswear customer in October 2018. As a tenured track professor, Dr. Jones contributes to research through attending conferences. Her speaking engagements keep her in front of large crowds and often times anxiety creeps in. What she wanted to prevent was unsightly sweat stains during her presentation, and we had her covered. Lizzmore Womenswear aims to keep women confident, stylish and sweat-stain free. If you are a woman that meets with clients, conducts presentations, or finds yourself commuting on public transportation, there is a brand specifically for you, Lizzmore Womenswear. We specialize in keeping the busy working woman confident and professional. Business attire doesn’t have to be boring, but it should be functional. There’s no other brand like, Lizzmore.


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