What is Moisture Wicking?

What is Moisture Wicking?

There's a difference between moisture wicked and moisture absorbing and its all in the chemically treated fibers. Read more about what Lizzmore Womenswear is doing to keep our busy working women from getting unsightly sweat stains!

 You have a big project for work, you know your presentation through and through, and for some reason anxiety STILL sets in. You shuffle through your best dresses and blouses and recount which ones left you feeling hot and sweaty last time. There has to be a solution, and that solution is, Lizzmore Womenswear.

When searching for pieces to help with this issue it is important to understand that there is a difference between moisture wicked and moisture absorbing. Moisture Wicking fabric, is a technically treated polyester that draws moisture away from your body. Cotton is known to absorb water, hence why it holds in moisture and makes a garment heavy. The purpose of moisture wicking is to draw the moisture away and into the fibers and then it evaporates from the fabric and keeps you cool and dry. The fabric is chemically treated to perform this way.

Lizzmore Womenswear has studied which moisture wicked treated fabrics can do this job and still be presented in professional attire. Since the fabric is chemically treated we’ve watched to see what happens if you wash or dry clean it. It still works! The most important aspect of the brand is to keep the modern working woman feeling confident and free of sweat stains in the underarm area.

Please share your thoughts on this topic. Have you ever gotten unsightly sweat stains during a very important time? How did you handle the situation?



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