You Can Have a Career, Be a Helpful Partner and Raise a Child

There is no playbook to any of these titles... career woman/man, being a great spouse and raising a stable and healthy child. There are books and guides but no one can tell you how to make it all work, especially during a pandemic. It’s possible to be amazing in every major aspect of your life, but maybe not all at once. Choose what’s most important for you during your journey and get the job done!

Moms are Securing the Bag Too!

Long gone (for some of us) are the days of the woman staying at home, and solely taking care of the kids and house. While this role is no easy feat, it's literally a job that never ends. In modern society, women are running the household and working 40+ hours and many times without a partner. Consider yourself lucky if you are working in a career you love. Loving what you do for a living makes a major difference in your mood and life. So I challenge you to find something that you absolutely love to do! A book that I recently read touches on finding your passion and purpose (there is a difference) and navigating how to use these as tools to make you money! Having a career is so rewarding both personally and for those around you. Many people live their whole life never doing anything that taps into their talents and skills. Find that sweet spot and make a difference in your life.  Book: Finding Your Element

Be A Helpful Partner

Being in a relationship is like having a group project for life. The most important thing you can do in a partnership is, HELP! I am convinced that helping is a universal love language. When it comes to household responsibilities it’s fair to say that both partners should contribute. Truthfully, I do not enjoy cooking. This has led to many disagreements with my partner. He felt like he was doing most of the cooking and began to feel burnt out. In an effort to solve that problem I decided to make a cooking calendar which allows us to alternate weeks for meals. So when I make breakfast, he cooks dinner. This ensures equal responsibility for cooking and gives us each a chance to research and make meals on our respective week. Ultimately, this has led to an increase in my desire to cook! If he does something super delicious my competitive nature kicks in and the following week I cook something amazing. Remember there is always a solution to whatever disagreement you may have with your partner. Express your concern and try to keep a solution at the forefront of every conversation. More than anything, hear them out and seek to be helpful. Recipes: All Recipes

Raising Children

There is no definitive way to raise a child, but a safe and healthy environment is the minimum any parent should provide. The only advice I will share is try your hardest to put your child on a sleep schedule once they are of age. The sleep schedule undoubtedly gives you time to do other things in the house, work on business or catch up on rest. I started the sleep schedule journey with my daughter at around 6 months old and the peace and quiet that comes over my home at 7:30 pm is something I look forward to everyday! I will warn you that kids often experience sleep regression when their little brains start to develop and experience new leaps, but they eventually get back into their schedule of sleeping for 11 hours through the night. Baby Book: The Happiest Baby on the Block 

Juggling it all has become the norm for many and we’ve experienced a heightened awareness of mental health challenges surrounding demanding careers, relationships, and parenting. We can do it all, but we just have to be aware of our loved ones that need us to be happy and healthy. Drop a line about some tools you use to keep you sane at work, with your partner or dealing with kiddos.

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