Lizzmore Womenswear is looking for affiliates to promote branded content and experience wearing pieces from our exclusive moisture wicking collection. In an effort to show potential customers what its like to wear a Lizzmore piece ask yourself these questions: 

1. Are you a woman who loves wearing business professional attire? 

2. Are you a woman that has experienced having sweat stains while commuting or presenting in front of leadership and feeling embarrassed? 

3. Do women love your style and ask you often where you purchase your clothes? 

4. Do you have more than 5k instagram followers?

If you answered yes to these questions then please send us an email to to learn more about the exclusive affiliates program. We will be in touch with how you can join our team as a Lizzmore Woman and get exclusive deals on products and pre-sale items.

Please include a short bio about your profession, where you live, the most embarrassing experience you've had wearing business attire and your IG handle. 

We look forward to connecting with you soon!