5 Tips for Working from Home

As we settle into the second month of quarantine here a few tips to make the days a little more structured so you stay productive while working from home. 
  1. Set a Routine
  2. Eat Breakfast
  3. Take a Break
  4. SGN- Share Good News
  5. Get Rest

Setting a routine is a common habit for successful people. We are well into the second month of practicing social distancing and I still find myself searching through my calendar to keep track of daily tasks. That’s where a set schedule comes in handy. If you work out in the morning, journal or fix a cup of joe, keep a routine. This will give you something to look forward to and more importantly, help you maintain sanity! It can be a struggle adjusting to a routine while being home all day, so occupy your morning the best you can as if you were still headed out to work, it’ll make your day go much smoother, trust me.

Eating breakfast seems so simple but I often forget! My 8-month old pretty much runs my mornings. I’m lucky to even squeeze in brushing my teeth before 10am. (See #1) In all honesty being home with such a young baby all day can easily throw off a schedule, but eating is a must. Even if it’s just a piece of fruit, grab it and go! (to the computer.:) Obviously, a well-balanced morning meal is ideal, but now we are faced with juggling multiple jobs all day. My decent quick morning breakfast consists of a large glass of water, boiled egg, toast and fruit to get my mind churning. If you have more time and no little ones try an acai bowl (pronounced AH-SIGH-E) and an omelet. If you can get up and get a hearty breakfast you will be sharp for the 30 conference calls coming your way.


Take a break. This may seem like a no-brainer but depending on your occupation working from home means working all day! Call after call, and emails galore really turns into sitting at your laptop for hours on end and before you know it, its 7:30pm. Get up! Take a walk, go for a run, do a 30-minute yoga session, shower (please wash your legs), walk the dog, or ride a bike. Getting some sunshine during the quarantine will certainly help you get much needed vitamin D.


There are SGN (Share Good News) videos making their rounds on YouTube. Trust me, your colleagues will appreciate it. If something great has happened, make a quick video and send it to your team! We are experiencing a new way to work and we can slip in some personal wins along the way to make people smile. I was able to see my baby crawl and say “mamma” and “dada” when normally the baby sitter would have recorded it and sent it to me. Highlight your own good news and bring some joy to your peers. Maybe you started a garden or ran a mile for the rest time. Your good news makes other people feel great too. 


Are you sleeping? Out of all the things to do, remember to get rest. Binge watching Netflix until 3am won’t help you have the energy to do anything on this list, so try your best to get much needed rest. In an ideal world, we can get back to the hustle and bustle of our normal routine. In many ways, the quarantine is allowing us to physically reset. Although some of us have that pleasure, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say show gratitude.

In all you do, be grateful. Working from home is certainly a privilege and there are many essential workers putting their lives on the line. Take this time to love on your family, develop yourself or even be of help to those who you know may need it. Be safe and stay healthy and remember to wear your mask and gloves once you leave your home!

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