3 Life Experiences That Led me to Starting Lizzmore Womenswear

Launching Lizzmore Womenswear in the fall of 2018 was not easy. I experienced setbacks and mistakes, but the purpose of my business sustained these shortcomings. There were three things in particular that kept me motivated to continue with bringing the business to fruition. The things that kept me going were, my father losing a corporate job that he’d worked for over 44 years, my idea being based on something I did not see in the market and my ultimate goal of building generational wealth.

The first experience came from seeing my father battle it out with a Fortune 500 company. In 2012 my father trained a young man in his 20's. A few months later my father was demoted and that young man became his manager. You can only imagine the emotional toll this took on not only his pride but his personal view of large corporations. It was embarrassing, yet a calculated choice the company made. My father committed 44 years to a bank. Moving up through the ranks, managing hundreds of people, leading divisions, and traveling internationally to open departments. He was well respected and boasted his plaques for surpassing corporate goals and having perfect attendance, you read that right, perfect attendance, all to be demoted and eventually pushed out of the company. The biggest lesson my father taught me is to always find a way to make money for yourself. Own a business, properties, something that gives you income outside of working for someone else’s dream because no matter how hard you work or even how long you commit to a company, you can be replaced if it suits them financially. He sued the company for discrimination, won the lawsuit, and used the money to open his own UPS franchise.

The second experience came to me while I was at work. As a sales professional, I work through several presentations a day, often times quick and painless, other times in a room full of folks over a meal. When I had my large lunch and dinner programs I would get anxiety. I would feel the sweat accumulating in my underarm. The clammy, wet feeling was gross! I would sneak off to the bathroom and pat it dry with a paper towel. My idea was born. How can I stay confident and sweat stain free in my professional attire. I embarked on the journey of figuring out the best solution. I searched the internet and came across sweat pads, workout clothes and even men’s shirts that sort of did the trick but nothing specific to professional women’s attire. As I continue to cultivate the brand, I am eager to make something for all women who experienced what I often still do.

The last experience that led me to starting Lizzmore stems from meeting people with generational wealth. If you make the decision to build wealth for your family there will be several adjustments in your lifestyle that you must make. Many of us aren’t fortunate enough to come from wealth and to have a head start on what important measures like saving and investing provide. Once you realize what it takes to truly build wealth you realize having a 9-5 job won’t be enough. Developing skills that can yield revenue in a side-hustle or an eventual full-time business is a major factor in building wealth. I have a deep desire to set my family up for generational wealth and the success of Lizzmore Womenswear is a major aspect in that dream being realized. With generational wealth, my children will have startup capital, a down payment on a home and even college paid so they aren’t crippled with debt.

All these experiences fuel me to build a brand that is not only functional and classic but one that motivates others to build a business of their own. With true passion, a plan and dedication, your dreams are possible.

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  • Hi Erica, This is such a fantastick articule and i know that you will be successful in the dress business. Just keep God in the mix and you will go the way you want it to be. Not only in the dress business but in what ever you strive to do. I love you and God bless from g-ma.

    Lois Robinson

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