Lizzmore Womenswear Live Shopping Experience

Lizzmore Womenswear Live Shopping Experience

Lizzmore Womenswear Unveils Live Shopping Experience:

Elevate Your Workplace Confidence

Lizzmore Womenswear, a pioneering brand committed to empowering women in the workplace through innovative and functional fashion, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Live Shopping Experience. This exciting event will provide a unique opportunity for customers to explore our professional apparel while gaining valuable insights into our mission and commitment to helping women shine confidently in their careers. At Lizzmore, we understand the power of clothing in boosting one's confidence at work. Our mission is to equip women with clothing that not only complements their ambitions but also embraces the dynamic needs of modern professionals. Specializing in moisture-wicking collections, we offer high-quality, comfortable, and stylish solutions for women who demand more from their workwear.

Event Details:

  • What:Lizzmore Womenswear Live Shopping Experience

  • When: Sunday, November 5, 2023 @ 4:00 PM EST

  • Where: Lizzmore YouTube Channel

During this captivating live event, viewers will have the chance to delve into our new ready to wear collection and see our cutting-edge moisture-wicking shirts designed to keep women cool, dry, and confident throughout their workday. In addition, we will have an exclusive look at fall ready to wear pieces.  Dresses, jackets and lounge wear that seamlessly fuses fashion with function.

Moreover, the Live Shopping Experience will introduce viewers to our exclusive "Made to Measure" program, where items are meticulously crafted to accentuate the beautiful curvature of your body. This personalized approach ensures that every woman can feel comfortable and confident in attire that truly fits her unique shape and style.

The Live Shopping Experience promises to be an immersive and informative event. Highlights include:

  • Product Demonstrations: Gain a detailed look at our innovative moisture-wicking technology in action.

  • Designer Insights: Meet the creative mind behind Lizzmore Womenswear and learn about the inspiration behind our collections.

  • Customer Testimonials: Hear from women who have experienced the transformative power of our professional wear.

  • Exclusive Offers: Take advantage of special discounts and promotions available only during the event.

Lizzmore Womenswear invites fashion enthusiasts, working professionals, and anyone interested in elevating their workplace confidence to join us on YouTube on Sunday, November 4, 2023 at 4:00 PM EST. This is your chance to experience firsthand how Lizzmore's mission and expertise can empower you to succeed in your career while looking and feeling your best.

For more information about Lizzmore Womenswear and to stay updated on our Live Shopping Experience, please visit our website at or follow us on Instagram @ShopLizzmore.

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About Lizzmore Womenswear:

Lizzmore Womenswear is a leading fashion brand dedicated to helping women show up confidently in the workplace. Specializing in professional moisture wicking apparel for women, our mission is to provide innovative, stylish, and functional clothing that empowers women to excel in their careers. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Lizzmore is the go-to choice for modern professionals seeking to look and feel their best at work. Discover more at

611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE #105

Washington, DC 20003 

IG: @ShopLizzmore

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